December Coffee Dripper
December Coffee Dripper
December Coffee Dripper
December Coffee Dripper

December Coffee

December Coffee Dripper

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The first pourover coffee dripper designed completely by specialty coffee experts. Brewing perfect coffee is easier than ever!

The DECEMBER Coffee Dripper is an adjustable pour over coffee dripper with four levels of flow adjustment. This allows you to grind the coffee at the optimal coarseness for the best flavor that your coffee has to offer.


  • 18-10 Stainless Steel & PTFE
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Designed by Nicholas Cho & Youngmin Lee
  • Made in Korea
  • Our December Drippers already include a grip/sleeve
  • Filters are sold separately
  • Filters bundled with the December Drippers are a pack of Kalita Wave 185 filters (100 ct)


The main innovation of the December Dripper is a variable aperture base. The ability to change the number of openings at the bottom of the dripper allows you to slow the flow of water through the dripper, consistently reaching your target brew time. In most other drippers, which have no adjustable flow control, you can only control flow by varying the amount of coffee you're brewing, or worse, by adjusting the grind away from what's optimal. Both of these stop-gap efforts to finish your brew on target diminish the quality of the coffee in your cup. Why buy an expensive bag of specialty coffee if you can’t get a great brew every time? Even the most skilled baristas are limited by the confines of traditional pourover drippers.


When you twist the base of the December Dripper, you have the option of four different stages. 

Stage 0 is when the dripper is fully closed. No water will flow out of the bottom of the dripper. This setting is convenient at the end of the brew, when a continuous drip might make a mess when you move the dripper off of your server or cup. In our prototype release, we have seen that some baristas like to close the dripper off during the "bloom time," the period when you're first wetting the coffee and waiting for carbon dioxide gas to release. 

You have the option of adjusting the December Dripper during the brew or choosing a stage that is optimal for the resulting volume of coffee you intend to prepare.

Stage 1 is optimized for about a 10-12 ounce (300-360mL) brew. 
Stage 2 is optimized for about a 14-16 ounce (400-475mL) brew. 
Stage 3 is optimized for about a 18-24 ounce (500-700mL) brew. 

To use the December Dripper, you simply rotate the dripper-section against the saucer-section and set it to your desired position. When you can control the flow rate, you are suddenly free to dial-in your grind size to where you really want it for the best flavor and aroma that your coffee has to offer. 


Recommended Settings

Here are some recommended settings, but adjust your variables to taste:

  • 20g coffee for a single cup (300mL or 10 oz) using Stage 1
  • 40g coffee for a double serving (600mL or 20 oz) using Stage 2
  • Use Stage 3 to increase flow when needed
  • Use Stage 0 to extend the brew time by stopping the flow and resuming as desired, or to reduce dripping when your brew is complete.


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