New Brews for 2017: Kono, Manual, KeepCups, etc.

Perhaps one of your resolutions or resolve is to learn a new skill this year? Why not learn how to brew better coffee? 

Extraction Coffee exists to help you do just that. This is why we're constantly on the look out for newer, and better ways for you to brew better coffee at home (or outdoors, if you wish).


KONO Meimon2 Drippers

Did you know that the KONO Meimon is the pioneer of the first cone-shaped dripper? It is also one of Japan's most iconic drippers. 

We have it as a dripper or as a set. 

Photo by Kurasu

KONO Meimon2 Dripper Transparent

KONO Meimon Cone Dripper Set - Available in Transparent or Black

Manual Coffeemaker Nº2

The Manual Coffeemaker Nº1 was originally launched on Kickstarter in 2014, and raised over $100k in 30 days from 1101 amazing backers.

Manual Coffeemaker Nº2 is the next edition of their iconic flagship coffee maker:

  • Borosilicate glass brewer (50% thicker than Nº1)
  • Borosilicate glass carafe with ml markings (50% thicker than Nº1)
  • Black lacquered bamboo base (water-resistant)

Manual Coffeemaker Nº2

Enjoy introductory prices for all KONO and Manual products throughout the whole of January! 


KeepCup Reusable Cups

In 2009, KeepCup created the World's first barista standard reusable cup, designed to eradicate the need and use for disposable cups.

It's back in the Philippines, and we have four series available for you: KeepCup Original, KeepCup Brew, KeepCup Brew Cork, and KeepCup Longplay. You can also choose between these sizes: 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. 

The KeepCup Tasting Notes colour series takes inspiration from the specialty coffee flavor wheel. The wheel is the most iconic resource in specialty coffee, the industry standard in flavour for over two decades. From the boldness of cocoa to fruity citrus flavours; Tasting Notes explores a world of unique, sometimes rare flavours and the bright colours of mother nature.

We're definitely overwhelmed with the number of colors you can choose from!

We're also giving our customers 5% discount of ALL KeepCup products by entering "REUSEREVOLUTION" before check out. Promo expires on Saturday, January 21. And shipping starts next week! 


Coming Soon: Kinto SCS Specialty and Baratza Sette

We also have the Kinto Stainless Steel Carafe Set 600ml coming by the end of the week. And the beautiful Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty Set as shown below:

And for those who have been asking. Yes, the Baratza Sette is now on it's way, as well. We're doubly excited for this one!